• Quality instruments that are owned and maintained by Nashville Violins
  • All rentals are adjusted to meet or exceed MENC standards
  • All repairs and adjustments are performed on-site in our shop
  • Available in all fractional sizes 1/16 to full size
  • Violins, violas, cellos, basses, and electrics!
  • Rent applies to purchase for entire plan
  • Credit transfers when you trade-up
  • Violin rentals from only $15 per month
    Viola $18-$25, Cello $38-$50, Bass $70-$85
  • Insurance is just another way that some places make extra money off of you. It doesn't really cover what you think it should. Nashville Violins does not offer insurance, because we take care of our customers in the shop. We offer discounts on repairs (which happens very rarely), and you can add your rental on to a homeowners or renters policy for free!

Please call our store today to discuss your rental/purchase options.
If you require an instrument for a child or small adult, be sure to bring them into the shop so we can determine the proper instrument size. State-issued picture ID and credit card required for rentals. 3-month minimum. No deposit required. No maximums on credit that may be used towards purchase. Trade up at any time during rental and payment transfers. 100% trade-in on any instrument purchased from us that is maintained in good condition. We have great student packages as well as step-up, advancing, and professional instruments. We know you will be pleased with our selection, quality, and competitive plans for as long as you play an instrument!
Your instrument sounds better because it is adjusted to play better at
Nashville Violins!
5109 Georgia Avenue
Nashville, TN 37209-2139
Phone/Fax (615) 292-5196



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