Every instrument goes through our exclusive 36-point check and is set up to play!

Most manufacturers and distributors do not set up their violins before shipping them out. The action is left high at the nut, and the bridge, often of low quality, is not fit to the instrument or adjusted into playing condition. Finishing touches to the pegs, fingerboard, soundpost and other adjustments need to be performed. Rarely is a good set of strings included with these unadjusted instruments.

With an instrument in this condition, it is highly unlikely that playing will be an enjoyable experience, and failure is almost guaranteed. A student could expect to pay $50-100 extra for a setup equivalent to what Nashville Violins does for no additional charge!

At Nashville Violins, we carefully inspect each instrument, and perform all necessary adjustments before we send it out. We guarantee you will receive an instrument that not only looks great, but one that will be in a proper playing condition conducive to learning.
Our instruments sound better, because they are adjusted to play better!

Nashville Violins' exclusive 36-point checkup includes inspection of:

Top and back seams
Neck joint and angle
Back and center seams
Top and f-holes
Chinrest assembly and ribs
Tailpiece and fine tuners
Tailpiece line
Saddle, endpin and block  
Strings and spacing
String height at nut
String height over fingerboard
Fingerboard for trueness and scoop
Soundpost for placement 
Tap test top and back
Neck and fingerboard for feel
Peg box for cracks
Pegs for wear and fit
Assess cracks
Playing test

May also include:
Inspection of interior
Pegs tested for smooth tuning
Fit of additional hardware

Bow Inspection:

Condition of hair
Condition of stick
Camber of stick
Tip and head
Grip and windings
Frog, slide, and ferrule
Screw and tightener
Fit of frog and angle
Mortise and shank

Nashville Violins may adjust for no charge:
Angle and/or placement of bridge
Placement of string sleeves
Placement of chinrest
Condition/fit of fine tuners
Tuning of instrument
Polish and clean top

Additional charges may apply for:
Replacement of a part
Refitting of a bridge or nut
Adjustment of soundpost or action
Treatment of pegs
Open seam or crack repair
Extensive cleaning


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