Nashville Violins has received wonderful praise for their customer service.  Below are some of the e-mails, letters and phone calls we have received thanking us for being the best at what we do.

Jeremy D

I wanted to say thank you to the staff at Nashville Violins. Jessica has been great working with my wife 1st and then (my daughter) Dave was very accommodating for an odd request to bring my wife in blindfolded. lol.
You guys have always been great and, if I ever can, I will definitely recommend others to you.
Thank you all for providing a great service.

Justine S

The bow arrived today. You did a beautiful job on it.

Jeffrey A

Thank so much. We will be back.

Jim and Sharon

Thank you! Very happy with the fiddle.

Local Nashville Strings Teacher

Thank you for providing my students such wonderful instruments. Two of my students recently purchased violas from Nashville Violins and I am absolutely pleased.

Daniel K

The bow we ordered from you arrived today and looks great. It will be used with a fiddle that is red, white, and blue (painted with the Texas flag colors and design). Thanks for the great service and providing these custom colors. 

I appreciate those who go above and beyond the rest for creative achievement.

Sue J

We just received your letter today stating that we have paid off our rental. We wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been renting from you all! Every time we have come into your store you have been incredibly helpful and wonderful to work with. We never knew renting could be so easy and now we own the instrument!

Thank you so much for all of your help. We will be back again soon!

Jo Ann J

You may remember that we bought a Heinrich Gill Violin, Master series 66, from you about 6 years ago. You had named the violin "Chocolate". Now after 6 years of lessons, I can finally reach that beautiful tone to match that name! I love playing this violin, and my teacher also enjoys the tone.

Theresa B

I would really recommend Nashville Violins for violin lessons. Our instructor did an amazing job with my daughter and the staff is always helpful and understanding.


Just received my violin bow. It definitely needed a rehair and it made a difference. It plays and sounds really good.

Matt N

I recently had my cello bow rehaired at Nashville Violins (probably a month or so ago), and I wanted to shoot some feedback to you about how happy I am with the rehair job. I opted for the Siberian horsehair, which turned out to be worth every extra penny. Before the rehair, there was a very slight stridency in the upper midrange, which I had previously attributed to a set of newer strings I was trying. When I got my bow back from your shop, the stridency was absolutely gone and replaced with a lower midrange warmth. What is even better is that this added warmth did not sacrifice any power or focus. The dead spot in the bow was immediately gone, and the bow has much more even response across the entire length. The overtones seem to jump out of the instrument now, and the resultant tones (difference tones) are unbelievable. How all this could have changed as a result of a bow rehair is beyond me, but you have made my humble bow sound and respond like a much more expensive one. Thank you, and I'll be back!

Lorraine B

Thank you so much for selling my violin - Recieved your check. Good luck selling my viola - I'm sure it will sell.

Julie P - Williamson County Youth Orchestra

Thank you for your very generous donation to the WCYO 2014 Silent Auction. We truly appreciate your support!

Steve P

Thank you for sending my fiddle strings so quickly. I truly appreciate doing my business with you.

Sherry D

Thank you for taking the time to help me with my violin and its new pick up. I needed adjusting from the old settings I was use to using. It was giving me an awful time! One quick e-mail and you all were great at explaining to me the changes I needed to do to my amp. Things were perfect next time I hit the stage! You all were an incredible help all the way from Nashville up to Minnesota!

Alice T

Thank you for getting the bow out to us in New York so quickly! It arrived in time for my daughters competition and she did great with it! We are so pleased we are sending you both of the bows we have here for you to re-hair for us! Keep up the great work!

Pam F

This note of thanks just cannot convey the gratitude that is sent your way. But, may these words somehow express thanks for your care and thoughtfulness!

I really appreciate your help with the blue violin for our grandson. We received it in Missouri and were able to give it to him ON his birthday. He loves it!!!

Thanks again!

Ray H

Hey Dave, 

I just wanted to give you some positive feedback on the work you just did for me. I got the two fiddles back and had rehearsal last night with band... it is a 110% different sound! Everybody noticed and was askin what I did different... so thanks!!! I couldn't be happier with it! I will keep your business cards and put a positive word out up here.

David T.

I want to thank you for your kindness, patience, and the "package" I ended up with today. I believe it will meet all my needs during this learning period. I'll be honest though, I can't wait for the "upgrade" to happen!

Band of Horses

We heard that Nashville Violins was the ONLY place to go for an upright bass. They were right! Thank you so much for helping us with the upright bass we needed to play at the Ryman. The pick up was fantastic and the bass sounded awesome, one of the best I ever played. We appreciate you all at Nashville Violins, thanks!

Parent of Student at Nashville Violins

My son and I came into Nashville Violins to rent a cello, and discovered your lesson program. We signed him up with high hopes and they have been exceeded! Our son absolutely loves it at Nashville Violins, he is really enjoying the lessons and I feel as a parent more kids should be at Nashville Violins.

Harry J

I love my white Xpressions fiddle my wife bought me for my birthday... IT ROCKS ON STAGE... YA'LL MAKE ME SHINE!!!

Joan J

Thank you for your help and encouragement with my violin playing. I played when I was younger and wish I never quit. I am now getting back into it many years later. Your assistance at Nashville Violins and wonderful encouragement has enhanced my retired life. Thank you!  

Cody E

I appreciate how honest you all have always been with me. My experience here at Nashville Violins is always great. Nashville Violins has been with me during my entire journey as a violin player. I appreciate the great customer service I always receive and thankful for how honest you always have been.

The Deeds

The people their were very friendly and helpful. They had a great selection of new and used violins to peak anyone's interest. I'm just a beginner and they showed me everything I needed to become an excellent violinist.

Jennifer L

AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I cannot say enough good things about Nashville Violins and their employees! They did a GREAT job putting back together an old violin and for a VERY fair price. I will definitely be taking lessons there. I would recommend this place to anyone who has a love for music.

Steve W

Dave and company,

Just a follow up note to say "thanks" for the time, assistance and great deal on the Parola violin during our visit to Nashville Violins. The time you and your staff allowed me as an out-of-towner sent me home with no doubts that I had made the best decision for the right instrument for my needs at this time. I am really in love with it! While at a convention I left it on the Tone Rite for 72 plus hours and I am certain that it made a difference in the projection. The tone was already sweet. I plan to rotate my other fiddles with the TR to "keep them awake". I am pleased as punch with both purchases.

We think of your shop as one of our Nashville "musts". Your helpful attitudes are a huge part of that. I am not unaware of your prices are significantly below retail in many cases, that was a huge influence in our choosing you over your competitors in the first place. 

Keep up the good work!


William A

I have been in all of the music stores here in Nashville and its surrounding area. Often I walk in and I am ignored or don't receive much customer service. The moment I stepped into Nashville Violins I was pleasantly greeted and warmly assisted with what I was looking for. Your staff was helpful, professional and courteous. I rank you to be the number one music store in Nashville. Keep up the good work!

MNPS strings teacher

I am always pleased when I come into Nashville Violins. They offer the best selection of books for the students, most affordable repairs and I cannot say enough about their rental program. My string section always improves when a student walks in with an instrument from Nashville Violins. Keep up the good work. Nashville is lucky to have a place like yours available to us.

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